Hospitality Careers

The hospitality industry offers a wide choice of jobs for those on the lookout, for those with experience or not. For those eager to join us there is a list of occupations below according to various categories or fields of interest.


“Admin”? Not difficult to guess! For all those who are looking for a job as manager, secretary, coordinator, driver or whatever we might have something interesting to offer. Good management and administration are essential to the smooth running of our Attitude Hotels as 10% of our Family Members work in this sector. We are looking for smart and friendly people ready to join our teams.

Here is a list of jobs in Attitude’s Admin sector:

General Manager

Resident Manager

Executive Assistant Manager

Administrative Secretary

Admin Coordinator


Information Technology

IT stands for Information Technology. An essential sector in today’s world requiring expertise and good qualifications. Our IT teams are dynamic, handling all aspects link to computing and telephony in our hotels.

Here is the list of jobs in Attitude’s IT sector:

IT Manager

System Administrator


A good Finance department requires a solid knowledge in accountants and management, essential for a company’s good health. We have an in-house Finance team in each of our Attitude hotel.

Here is the list of jobs in Attitude’s Finance sector:

Financial Controller


Internal Controller

Accounts Clerk

Revenue Officer

Store Attendant


Purchasing Officer

Night Auditor

Accounts Payable Officer

Human Resources

HR stands for Human Resources. Attitude considers that human relations are most important in a workplace. A good management of people and personalities is therefore a vital aspect for the group’s good health. Our HR teams follow 1600 Family Members (our employees). Attitude has obtained the Great Place to Work® certificate for four consecutive years.

Here is the list of jobs in Attitude’s admin sector:

HR Manager

Assistant HR Manager                                                                                        

HR Executive

HR Coordinator

L&D Manager

L&D Executive


At Attitude there is no kidding when it comes to security! We have security teams in all access points of our hotels right from the entrance. Our security officers are on watch to make sure that our guests’ holidays are peaceful and undisturbed.

Here is the list of jobs in Attitude’s Security sector:

Security Manager

Security Officer

CCTV Operator


All our hotels’ Spas are managed by qualified and dynamic teams. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. From masseur to therapist through the reception, each Family Member here is welcoming.

Here is the list of jobs at Attitude’s Spas

Spa Manager

Assistant Spa Manager

Spa Supervisor

Spa Therapist

Spa Receptionist


In all of our Attitude hotels we have entertainment teams. Qualifications are not necessarily important as long as the group’s values are reflected. We privilege warm, friendly and smiling spirits. We look for people who are proud to be Mauritians and happy to share their enthusiasm with our guests.

Here is the list of jobs in Attitude’s entertainment team

Entertainment Manager

Entertainment Supervisor


Mini Club Supervisor

Mini Club Assistant

Boat House – Skipper

Boat House – Supervisor


We have around 150 Family Members working in our maintenance teams throughout our hotels and assuring their good running. Pool maintenance, electricity or plumbing are among the many required skills.

Here is the list of jobs in Attitude’s maintenance sector.

Maintenance Manager

Assistant Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Coordinator




Pool operator

A/c technician

Kitchen Technician

F&B Service

F&B stands for Food and Beverages. At Attitude we provide best quality service to our guests. In our hotels, more than a third of our Family Members belong to the F&B team. If you are smiling, friendly and helpful, we have opportunities for you!

Here is a list of jobs in Attitude’s F&B team:

F&B Manager

Assistant F&B Manager

F&B Service Manager

Outlet Manager

F&B Supervisor

F&B Coordinator





F&B Runner

Water Bottling Assistant


Chef, assistant Chef or Pastry Chef… In our hotels’ kitchens we welcome talented individuals who are passionate about their jobs and still eager to learn. We have about 50 restaurants, including our Attitude Signature restaurant Kot Nou and our local street food Taba-J.

Here is a list of jobs in Attitude’s Kitchens.

Executive Chef

Executive Sous Chef

Pastry Chef

Sous Chef

Speciality Chef

Chef de Partie

Demi Chef de Partie

Food Hygiene Coordinator


Assistant Cook

Kitchen Helper

Housekeeping & Stewarding

Housekeeping and stewarding are key sectors in hotels. Attitude hotels are well appreciated for their great and spotless conditions. Behind the curtains a whole lot of anonymous faces are busy supervising, cleaning and setting gorgeous buffets among other varied responsibilities just for the well-being and pleasure of our guests.

 Here is the list of jobs in Attitude’s Housekeeping sector:

Executive Housekeeper

Assistant Executive Housekeeper

Head Housekeeper


Laundry Supervisor

Housekeeping Coordinator

Room Attendant

Public Area Attendant



Here is the list of jobs in Attitude’s Stewarding sector:

Chief Steward

Steward Supervisor


Front Offce

Here at Front Office, you are hotel guests first and last experience. You are the first and last smile they will remember. Whatever your job is: receptionist, porter, guest relation or night manager, all front office jobs need ability to relate to others, to be smiling and helpful.

Here is a list of jobs in Attitude’s Front Office sector:

Front Office Manager

Assistant Front Office Manager

Night Manager

Guest Relation Manager

Guest Relation Officer

Front Office Assistant

Head Porter




The Reservation department works directly with the Sales department at Head Office, managing thus the rooms’ availability. Reservation is responsible of the booking calendar.


Here are the jobs in Attitude’s Reservation sector:

Reservation Manager

Reservations Supervisor

Reservation Officer

Guest Experience

Help and inform, this is what is required of those working in the Guests’ Experience sector. You need a good knowledge of what is happening in and out of your hotel. Advice on entertainment available during the guest’s stay as well as proposing activities outside the hotel’s grounds.


Here are the job’s available in Attitude’s Guest Experience sector:

Guest Experience Manager

Guest Experience Supervisor

Guest Experience Assistant

Head office

Communication, Sales, Marketing, Accounts, Procurement…all departments under one roof in a Business Hub, “The Junction”, in Calebasses. Head Office monitors the management and promotion of all the group’s hotels.


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