We are from Mauritius. We are Attitude.

We are a hotel group since 2008, we manage 9 hotels in Mauritius.

We are a 100% Mauritian company, 100% authentic.

We are a big family, dynamic, creative and fun to be with.

We are altogether 1,350 Family Members.

We are eco-committed and respectful towards environment.

We are eager to share the beauty of our island.

We are supportive of the local communities and of their well-being.

We are open-minded.

We are proud to promote talents from all over the island.

We are now labelled Made in Moris, Great Place to Work and Travelife.

We are much more than just a hotel management company.

We are Attitude!

Travay kot nou ! 

Avalaible job opportunities

To work with Attitude means: join a closely-knit, dynamic and passionate team working together for the common good and promotion of the Group. You wish to join a specific sector, follow a vocational course? Work in any of our 9 hotels or at our head office? Kitchen, bar, rooms, beach, reception, boathouse? Be on the look-out, there is a job for you!

They already belong to the family