We are from Mauritius. We are Attitude

We are a hotel group since 2008, we manage 9 hotels in Mauritius.

We are a 100% Mauritian company, 100% authentic.

We are a big family, dynamic, creative and fun to be with.

We are altogether 1,350 Family Members.

We are eco-committed and respectful towards environment.

We are eager to share the beauty of our island.

We are supportive of the local communities and of their well-being.

We are open-minded.

We are proud to promote talents from all over the island.

We are now labelled Made in Moris, Great Place to Work and Travelife.

We have been voted this year the number 1 best place to work in Mauritius!

We are much more than just a hotel management company.

We are Attitude!

Travay kot nou ! 

Avalaible job opportunities

To work with Attitude means: join a closely-knit, dynamic and passionate team working together for the common good and promotion of the Group. You wish to join a specific sector, follow a vocational course? Work in any of our 9 hotels or at our head office? Kitchen, bar, rooms, beach, reception, boathouse? Be on the look-out, there is a job for you!

They already belong to the family