Looking for world-class hospitality training? You can find it right here in Mauritius! We have partnered with EHL, the world’s leading hospitality school, to create Attitude Academy VET by EHL. We share the same vision, helping our community grow and learn.

There will be three Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses to choose from. These courses are not just open to Attitude employees, they are open to everyone! The end result? A professional diploma from EHL Hospitality Business School – without leaving the island.

Choose from three courses

Culinary Professional Diploma 

Learn how a professional kitchen is run and the safety, team work and methods needed for culinary excellence.

F&B Service Professional Diploma 

Learn the standards needed to work in a first-class restaurant, including hosting, event organisation, and F&B service.

Hotel Rooms Division Diploma

Gain the skills to operate in different functions of the Rooms Division department, following first-class hotel operation standards.

Programme structure

VET by EHL programmes consists of 3 levels to obtain a Professional Diploma:

  1. Recognition of experiential Learning Certificate or Foundation certificate 
  2. Intermediate certificate 
  3. Advanced certificate 

Each level consists of a 1-year duration (6 months of combined academic learning and internship, 6 months of work only). Students will be able to apply what they have learned immediately in real-life situations.

The Apprenticeship Model

The Apprenticeship Model was designed for students to earn while they learn.

  1. 20% classroom-based theory 
  2. 80% daily on-the-job training

Entry is possible at any level of the certificate, as long as you meet the admission criteria of that level:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


First 6 months

Next 6 months

Graduate profile

First 6 months

Direct entry for students and professionals aged 17 years and above, with a minimum NCE (F3), seeking to acquire skills in the hospitality trade.

1 day/week theoretical studies
4 days/week on-the-job training

Work and earn

Continue in the Intermediate module or enter the industry at an entry-level position.

Next 6 months


Direct entry for working individuals with 1 or 2 years of related work experience looking to progress in their career.
Successful completion of the Recognition of Experiential Learning Certificate is required if the Foundation level has not been completed previously.

1 day/week theoretical studies
4 days/week on-the-job training

Work and earn

Continue in advanced module or re-enter industry in a more advanced position.

Graduate profile


Direct entry for working individuals with 3+ years of related work experience.

1 day/week theoretical studies
4 days/week on-the-job training

Work and earn

Grow in the industry at a more advanced position or continue towards higher studies.

Direct entry into Intermediate level 

If you already have relevant industry experience, you can opt for a Recognition of Experiential Learning (REL) certificate, which comprises 2 weeks of self-paced learning and assessment, allowing you to enter the desired course directly at the Intermediate level.


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Culinary Trainer
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