What is Attitude Academy?

Attitude Academy is a place where everything is possible. Whether you’re looking to launch a new career or grow an existing one, you can start from scratch. Your age? It is only a number.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just out of college or your children are. Leave your CV at home and tell us what you can do 

We created three dedicated programs:

Depending on the program you choose, you will be enrolled for a 6 month journey as of October 2022 : you will be trained by professionals, learn the specificities of a new role, and have fun! 

What’s in the program? New skills to learn, of course. To become an expert, you will receive full assistance. But you will also have fun doing creative workshops, engage yourself in our environmental commitments or doing pedagogical visits at the Attitude partner firms. You will join a warm team, and you will feel it!

And because all jobs deserve to be paid, you will receive a monthly allowance for the period of your program. 

And what’s next? Secure a job after successful completion of the program within any Attitude hotels.

Attitude Academy

Join us, get trained and rewarded, and get a job in a company with a purpose in a Great Place to Work

A program to start a new career : School leavers, unemployed, retrenched workers or just leaving another to join us

An opportunity to be trained by professionals

Accessible with or without diploma/CV

A professional and fun journey

Monthly stipend/allowance